Off to Explore Morocco

Morocco has much to offer in terms of its diversity. We take you from the blue-washed houses of Chefchaouen to the film-famous landscapes of Ouarzazate through the majestic dunes of Merzouga. As a traveler looking for unforgettable sights and experiences, we invite you to consider our packages. Explore UNESCO heritage sites, interact with locals and hike scenic trails in the Atlas Mountains. Visit and learn about the Kasbahs, ride camels and spend the night at tent camps in the Sahara desert. You will also indulge in sustainable crafts and culture while discovering natural wonders, such as waterfalls and lakes, in Azilal.

Sahara Desert
The Desert & the South

For lovers of the Sahara, south-eastern Morocco with its majestic dunes remains the most popular region in Morocco

Hassan II Tower
Rabat, The Capital City

Rabat is not only the capitalcity of Morocco, it is the administrative city of the country but yet one of most worth visiting cities of Morocco. With its historical momments including the Oudayas, Chellah…

Leather Tanaries in Fes
Fes, the ancient maze city

Fes is the oldest modern city in Morocco. It has morethan 12 centries and the oldest library in the world. It is considered to be one of the main destinations…

Old town
Tangier & the Mediteranian

Tangier is the main city in the North of Morocco. It was an international territory then a former Spanish colony where Spanish is spoken as a second language…

The Blue city of Chefchaouen

A day tour in the city of Chefchaouen and the nearby Akchour waterfalls to combine the charm

Ouzoud Falls
Ouzoud Waterfall

A day at the Ouzoud waterfalls offers a moment of rest and discoveries of the flora and fauna of the region, through its monkeys, birds and carob trees

Road toToubkal Mount
Toubkal Mount in the High Atlas

Located in South western Morocco, Toubkal mountain is the highest peak in North Africa at 4,167 meters high...

Valubilis, the Roman city

Valubilus is the main Roman remains in Morocco. It is located in vast beatiful plain outside the ancient city of Meknes. It is considered…

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